Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Steps to Keep a Flat Stomach

1. Always get enough sleep. You know you got enough sleep when you wake up by yourself from bed without any alarm clock. Sleep deprivation slows your metabolism.


2. Eat lots of lean protein (like beans and nuts - have some meat, it is rather good for you as long as you do not eat the fat!), fruits and dark vegetables, and whole grain breads and grains. If you eat "whole wheat" it's like the same as eating white bread; except with white bread all the good fibers have been stripped away. These "whole grains" keep you fuller longer than white breads like cakes, cookies, and sweets. Also, stay away from high-fat dairy products (low-fat dairy products are a great source of protein and vitamin B6).

3. Go for eating fruits. Fruits like pineapples and raspberries are rich in fiber. Adding these types of fruits will help in keeping your tummy healthy and lean. You can consume either of these fruits with one serving a day. These fruits help in easing up your digestive system and prevent constipation, giving you a flatter and healthier stomach.

4. Eat smaller meals a day. To get a flat stomach you should eat many small meals throughout the day. Eat just enough until you feel full; don't overeat and know which flat-belly foods actually work! Wait until you feel hungry again and eat a little more. Focus on only eating healthy food items, and do not eat any sugar; it will only make you feel tired and will cause you to crave more - a vicious cycle!

5.Try adding more fibers in your diet. Carbohydrates are excellent brain and muscle fuel, but you have to be wise in choosing the right kind that’s friendly for the shape of your tummy. Try to stick to brown bread and rice instead of the white kind. Consume more fiber by eating whole wheat and grain. These healthy kinds of carbs provide vitamins and minerals as well. Simple carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, alcohol, sugared or carbonated drinks, and other foods that are highly processed, will only contribute to weight gain and a buildup of unwanted love handles.


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